Keeping Your Fleet On the Job
We Repair Forklifts On-Site
24-Hour Emergency Response
Gas or Diesel Units Welcome

Welding in Pearl City

For over a decade, J & R Hi-Lift and Truck Services has been Oahu's go-to team for forklift repairs, construction fleet maintenance and heavy equipment welding. Is your forklift down for the count? We'll get it back up on its feet - or wheels, as it were. Call on us any time and we'll be at your job site, anywhere on the island.

This isn't our first rodeo

Your forklift problem has stumped every mechanic on the island. Obviously, you haven't called J & R Hi-Lift and Truck Services yet. Our company has been in the forklift repair business for over 10 years, and our proprietor has been at it for over 20. You'll be hard pressed to find a problem we can't solve. Go ahead. Test us!  

Breakdown? Not in your town!

J & R Hi-Lift and Truck Services knows how it is. You're always on a deadline and a budget, and you're scrambling to come in ahead of one and under the other. We can help! Let our trained heavy equipment mechanics do your fleet maintenance for you. A few dollars spent now can help you avoid costly breakdowns later on.

Trouble can happen anytime. We can fix it anytime!

Don't relegate, Delegate

Nothing elicits a collective groan from your employees faster than the words "the dump truck needs an oil change" or "the forklift needs fixing - again!" Let your people do what they're good at. J & R Hi-Lift and Truck Services is good at forklift repairs and fleet vehicle maintenance. Call us today to find out how easy it can be!