Keeping Your Fleet On the Job
We Repair Forklifts On-Site
24-Hour Emergency Response
Gas or Diesel Units Welcome

Forklift Service in Pearl City

From small shops of just a few hundred square feet, to construction sites spanning several square miles, chances are, you'll find a forklift making life easier for the human workers. J & R Hi-Lift and Truck Services can keep life easy for all forklift owners and operators on Oahu. Call us anytime your best helper needs a little TLC.

We don't care how it runs, just that it runs

J & R Hi-Lift and Truck Services doesn't discriminate when it comes to forklifts. We repair all types of forklifts, including sit-down rider trucks, reach trucks, pallet jacks and order pickers. We service electric forklifts, diesel forklifts and propane forklifts. No need to hitch and haul the machine to our shop. We come to you, 24/7.

Keep all your machinery humming

Like getting regular oil changes can keep your cars running well, preventative maintenance can do the same for your construction vehicles and heavy equipment. Let J & R Hi-Lift And Truck Services make it easy on you, and your budget! All our services are performed at your job site or workplace, and can be done any time.

We offer 24-hour service. Do the other guys?

Keep it together, We'll be there

A front end loader can't function if the front end and the loader decide to go their separate ways. How do you get them back together? An experienced welder, that's how. On Oahu, J & R Hi-Lift and Truck Services are the team to call for heavy equipment welding services. We come to you, and can help in an emergency. 

Equipment Maintenance