Keeping Your Fleet On the Job
We Repair Forklifts On-Site
24-Hour Emergency Response
Gas or Diesel Units Welcome

Forklift Maintenance in Pearl City

Forklifts are a vital component of many industries in Pearl City and the entire state of Hawaii. J & R Hi-Lift and Truck Services is all about keeping forklifts running smoothly, from one-time repairs to preventative maintenance programs. We come to your job site, and are available for emergency repairs 24 hours a day.

Trust Your Heavy Lifter to some Heavy Hitters

J & R Hi-Lift and Truck Services opened its doors about ten years ago, but our employees bring double that amount of time in the profession of forklift repair. Don't trust one of your best workers to any mechanic. J & R Hi-Lift and Truck Services has the experience you need to get it - and you - back to work. 

South Side, Island Wide

It doesn't matter where you are on the island of Oahu. When you need forklift repairs, heavy equipment welding or fleet maintenance help, J & R Hi-Lift and Truck Services will come to you. Join the growing list of contractors, construction firms, shipping companies and other businesses that trust their forklift maintenance to us!

No "lift" in your forklift? We'll put it back.

It's Who You Know & What You know

J & R Hi-Lift and Truck Services employs only the best heavy equipment mechanics and welders the island has to offer. You have too much at stake for us to settle for less. We also know that you're super busy. You don't have time to change the oil in your dump truck or backhoe. We have the time and the talent. Put both to work! 

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